Lobbyist FAQs

​What you should know about lobbyist requirements
This information has been prepared to give you a brief overview of the city of Phoenix Lobbyist Ordinance. For more detailed information, a Lobbyist Handbook is available for download (484KB) or in the City Clerk Department.

What is lobbying? 
Any communication with the city of Phoenix Mayor or any member of the Phoenix City Council for the purpose of influencing Council action.

Who should register? 
Any individual or organization who is compensated to lobby or in the course of their job may lobby the Mayor or member of the City Council.

When should a lobbyist register? 
Prior to lobbying or within five business days after lobbying.  Lobbyists must re-register annually in January.

Could I hire someone to lobby and promise to pay them only if they were successful?  
Hiring someone to lobby on a contingency fee basis is prohibited.

Could I offer to lobby and promise to receive payment only if I were successful? 
Lobbying on a contingency fee basis is prohibited.

How do I register? 
Forms are available in fillabl​e Adobe format. Forms also are available in the City Clerk Department, 15th Floor, Phoenix City Hall, 200 W. Washington St., or by calling 602-256-3186.

What is the registration fee? 
There is no fee required.

What information must be included on the registration form? 
The city of Phoenix registers lobbyists and allows organizations to register on behalf of their lobbyists.  Each lobbyist registered must include all persons (and their addresses) by whom the lobbyist is compensated to lobby and on whose behalf lobbying is performed.

What if there are changes in registration information? 
The list of persons on whose behalf you are lobbying must be kept current. Changes in any registration information must be reported to the City Clerk within 30 days.

What reports are required? 
Expenditures must be reported on a quarterly basis whether or not expenditures were made. Campaign contributions must be reported only for the quarters when contributions were made.

What if no expenditures will be made? 
If expenditures are not anticipated, an "Exemption Statement" on the registration form can be signed to exempt the lobbyist from filing quarterly expenditure reports. A separate "Exemption Statement" form may be filed any time after registration. If an expense is incurred after signing an exemption statement, the City Clerk Department must be notified within ten days.

Who do I contact for more information? 
The City Clerk Department at 602-256-3186.

Upon request the City Clerk Department will make this publication available through appropriate auxiliary aids or services to accommodate an individual with a disability by calling 602-262-4442; faxing a request to 602-495-5847; or calling TTY number 602-534-2737.