City Manager's Performance Measurement Dashboard

In 2022, an updated City Manager's Dashboard was launched, visit the new dashboard.

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Welcome to the City Manager’s Performance Dashboard. It was created to provide the Mayor, City Council and general public with comprehensive, easy-to-understand information about the City of Phoenix. It includes 27 key performance indicators that measure the city’s health as well as recognizing potential inefficiencies. The data gathered can identify potential areas for improvement allowing the city to make more informed decisions.

The Dashboard launched in January of 2014. "The Dashboard is a way of measuring the pulse of the city in a visual and easy-to-understand way. As City employees, we are committed to working smarter. Real time data analysis makes the public aware of how the City organization is doing on a regular basis," said City Manager Ed Zuercher.

The Dashboard was approved by members of the Innovation and Efficiency Task Force and the Finance, Efficiency, Innovation and Sustainability Subcommittee in September 2012. The concept was developed by a group of administrative managers and technical staff at no additional cost to the city.  It includes 27 key performance indicators which measure the health of the city in the areas of General Government, Public Safety & Criminal Justice, Transportation, Economic Development, Environmental and Community Enrichment.


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"To improve the quality of life in Phoenix through efficient delivery of outstanding public services"

-- City of Phoenix Mission Statement   

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