City Manager Executive Team


​​Welcome to the City of Phoenix's Executive Team Homepage. The City Manager's Executive Team consists of the City Manager, Assistant City Manager, two Deputy City Managers, one Senior Executive Assistant to the City Manager, and one Special Assistant to the City Manager. These individuals are responsible for providing leadership and direction to the various city departments/functions and serving as liaison between staff and the City Council.

To learn more about each of the Executive Team members, please click on their name to see a short biography and their areas of responsibility in the City.

Ed ZuercherEd Zuercher
City Manager
Milton DonohoeMilton Dohoney, Jr.
Assistant City Manager
Deanna Jonovich 136 x 180 for CMO websiteDeanna Jonovich
Deputy City Manager
​Karen Peters​
Deputy City Manager
​​​Mario Paniagua​
Deputy City Manager​
​Toni Maccarone​
Special Assistant
to the City Manager