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About ​Jeff Barton, City Manager

Phoenix City Manager Jeff Barton

Barton is the Chief Administrative Officer for the City of Phoenix and oversees the largest council-manager form of government in the United States, with 14,500 city employees, including seven employee unions and associations, and a $3.4 billion annual budget.



​The City Mana​ger’s Performance Dashboard (CMPR) was created to provide the public with comprehensive, easy-to-understand information about the services and programs offered by the City of Phoenix. Redesigned to include more than 130 key performance indicators, the data measures the city’s health and identifies potential areas for improvement allowing the city to make more informed decisions.

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 Valley Benchmark Communities

Valley Benchmark Cities​

​The City of Phoenix participates in the Valley Benchmark Communities initiative, whose mission is to improve local government performance in Arizona. By working collaboratively, the initiative identifies and shares resources, best practices, and common demographic, financial, and performance information to better understand and coordinate the complex and diverse operations of the 14 participating local governments. Explore the latest trend report

Valley Benchmark Communities

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