City of Phoenix Mission, Vision and Values

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City of Phoenix Mission Statement

To improve the quality of life in Phoenix through efficient delivery of outstanding public services.

City of Phoenix Vision Statement 2013

We will make Phoenix a great place to live, work and visit by fostering a dynamic and sustainable environment with exceptional public services.

City of Phoenix Values Statements 2013

We are committed to excellence through:

  1. Exceptional Customer Service

    We exist to provide responsive and consistent customer service to the community and to city employees. We exhibit empathy by listening to each other and to the public in our efforts to deliver services that improve people's lives.

  2. Integrity and Transparency

    We safeguard the public trust through honest business practices and open communication. Our credibility with the public depends on our strong ethical stewardship of all resources.

  3. Respect for Diversity

    We recognize and respect the differences that make us unique. We embrace diversity in everything we do to create a healthy and productive community and workplace.

  4. Personal Empowerment

    We trust our employees to always own the problem and solution in addressing business challenges. We value and invest in the growth and development of our employees.

  5. Engaged Teamwork

    We engage employees and the public in productive and respectful dialogue. Our success hinges on dynamic and interdependent partnerships.  We achieve our highest performance by working together.

  6. Consistent Professionalism

    We work to the highest standards of proficiency and expertise. We are accountable to ourselves, to the city and to the public.

  7. Creativity and Innovation for Excellent Results

    We promote an environment of inventive thinking and imaginative solutions to community needs. We encourage a spirit of continuous improvement in all our activities to exceed community expectations.