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The information contained herein is designed to help you navigate through the maze of how to do business with the city of Phoenix. Unlike other agencies, the city of Phoenix does not have one central location for all types of procurement. Below is a list of the responsible departments/divisions and what type of opportunities they offer.

• The Street Transportation Department  is responsible for Capital Improvement Projects (construction), including consulting and subcontracting.

• The Procurement (Purchasing) Division is responsible for procuring goods and general services and a very limited number of professional services.

• Most professional services and general goods/services purchases under $1000 are the responsibility of the various city departments. Contact the Business Liaison for the appropriate department for more information. For current opportunities, go to the solicitatio​​​ns page.  For information on award recommendations/awards, see the Award Recommendation page.

• The Equal Opportunity Department is responsible for the city's Small Business certification program.



The city of Phoenix Vendor Management System is a registration/notification system open to any and all interested vendors.  Once the registration process is complete, vendors will receive a notice via e-mail when there is a solicitation within their stated scope of work.  It is also suggested that you periodically check for current solicitations posted by the various city of Phoenix departments/divisions (NOTE:  NO SOLICITATIONS ARE POSTED WITHIN THE PROGRAM).

REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS:  Please read these instructions before beginning the registration process.  Vendor Registration Instructions

Go to the Vendor Management System 

Watch the City of Phoenix Vendor Procurement Forums

• Are you a small business? Contact the Equal Opportunity Department to see if you qualify for certification.

Local Small Business Enterprise Program

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Need Additional Information?
Street Transportation Department, 602-534-5786
Equal Opportunity Department, 602-262-7716
Procurement (Purchasing) Division, 602-262-7181