Downtown Sidewalk Vending

​Downtown Sidewalk Vending

The following information outlines the requirements for the vending of food at fixed sidewalk locations within the Downtown Vending District.  Effective April 1, 2004, downtown sidewalk vending on the public right-of-way is only allowed in the Downtown Vending District and by a license agreement with the City on designated sites.  The Downtown Vending District is bounded by 7th Street, 7th Avenue, Jackson Street, and Fillmore Street.  Downtown Sidewalk Vending sites are awarded annually (for January 1 through December 31) by a bid process and require that a license agreement contract be signed with the City. 


Sidewalk vending is an agreement with the City of Phoenix that grants an exclusive right to sell or offer to sell food products as a sidewalk vendor at designated vending sites within the City's Downtown Vending District. The City of Phoenix Finance Department will conduct an informational meeting for calendar year 2018.  A data has not yet been determined. 



The following documents were provided at the November 2016 City informational meeting for calendar year 2017:


2017 Downtown Sidewalk Vending Informational Meeting This document provides the content material presented in the Downtown Sidewalk Vending informational meeting. 
2017 procurePHX Registration Procedure This document provides procedures on procurePHX system registration.


In order to submit a bid, receive notices, respond to solicitations and have access to procurement information, all bidders must register online through the procurePHX System at .


Required Pre-Registration Dates:   To be determined

Online Bid Date:                                       To be determined

Online Bid Time:                                      To be determined

Minimum Starting Bid Amount:        $200

Awarded Bidder Fee:                             $150 non-refundable registration fee


For information on the site locations available, please read the following carefully.

2017 Rules and Regulations (PDF)​This document provides additional information regarding the requirements specified in the License Agreement.
2017 Vending Location List (PDF)Appendix A to the License Agreement lists all of the authorized vending locations in the Downtown Vending District. This list is finalized prior to the Site Award Process.​
2017 Downtown Vending Site Map (PDF)​This is a map of the available vending sites for a calendar bid year.
2016-2017 Final Awarded Results (PDF)​This is a list of final bid amounts for the last two calendar years by vending site.

If you have questions, please contact us at the following address:

City of Phoenix
Finance Department, Tax Division
Downtown Sidewalk Vending
251 West Washington Street, 3rd Floor
Phoenix, AZ 85003