Executive Staff



Fire Chief Kara Kalkbrenner

A native Phoenician, Fire Chief Kara Kalkbrenner joined the Phoenix Fire Department in 1985. During her 32 plus years of service, she has held the ranks of Firefighter, Fire Engineer, Fire Captain, Division Chief, Deputy Chief and Executive Assistant Chief of Administration.

Chief Kalkbrenner is one of only six female Fire Chiefs of large metropolitan fire departments in the country. Her philosophy is that public administrators are community stakeholders and play an integral role in shaping the communities where we work and live. Chief Kalkbrenner leads 2,000 members and oversees an operating budget of more than $300 million dollars, carefully stewarding taxpayer dollars and city resources while serving as Phoenix Fire Department's liaison to City Hall and the City's Law Department.

Chief Kalkbrenner has serv​ed in every operational capacity within the Department's six divisions, including Operations (Fire and Emergency Medical Services response), Fire Prevention, Human Resources, Physical Resources, Information Technology, and Training. That experience has provided her with the insight and understanding of all aspects of the Phoenix Fire Department.

Chief Kalkbrenner's Labor/Management Team created a three-year Strategic Plan through 2019 that addresses the future of the community and fire department. The Strategic Plan includes six key initiatives:

  • Comprehensive Training and Development
  • Technology and Communications
  • Assess and Prioritize Fire Department Programs and Needs
  • Management of Human Resources
  • Analysis and Management of Data
  • Emergency Service Delivery and Deployment Model

She holds an Associate Degree in Fire S​cience from Phoenix College and a Bachelor's Degree in Fire Service Management from Ottawa University. She has served as adjunct instructor for the Fire Services program at Maricopa County Community Colleges.




Executive Assistant Chief Scott Walker

A resident of Phoenix, Arizona for over 40 years, Chief Scott Walker joined the Phoenix Fire Department in 1994. He is currently assigned to the Executive Staff Offices where he serves as the Executive Assistant Fire Chief of the Phoenix Fire Department. In this role, Chief Walker assists Fire Chief Kalkbrenner in management of the day-to-day operations of the Department, and works to ensure that the Fire Chief’s vision and goals for the Department and our Community are being accomplished. Additionally, Chief Walker assists the Fire Chief with Strategic Planning and the management of the Department’s $380 million-dollar budget.

As a Command Officer, Chief Walker has managed several sections within the Department including, a Fire Battalion in the Operations Division, Fire Prevention, Fire Technical Services, Regional 911, Homeland Defense Bureau, Fire Investigations, Health and Wellness, and Fleet Services.

Prior to becoming a Command Officer, Chief Walker worked in several roles within the Operations Division that included: Firefighter, Engineer, Captain, and Public Information Officer.   As a member of the Phoenix Fire Department’s Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) team, AZ Task Force-1, he was deployed to hurricanes Harvey and Irma in 2017. Chief Walker is also part of the City of Phoenix All Hazards Incident Management Team (AHIMT). As a member of this team, he has been involved in the management and coordination of multiple, regional large-scale events that include a Major-League Baseball All Star Game, Super bowl XLIX, College Football Playoff games, and a deployment to Northern California in 2015 to assist with the management of wildfires.

Chief Walker currently holds an Associate’s Degree in Fire Science from Phoenix College, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Safety and Emergency Management from Grand Canyon University, and has completed the Executive Leaders program at the Naval Postgraduate School.



Assistant Chief Danny Seville

Chief Seville is a native of Phoenix, Arizona. He began his career with the Phoenix Fire Department in 1995. He is currently assigned to the Executive Staff where he serves as the Assistant Chief of the Training & Human Resource Division for the Fire Department.  The Training & HR Division encompasses Special Operations, Training (Command and Recruit), Human Resources consisting of OSI (Office of Special Investigations) and Payroll.

As a Command Officer, Danny has managed several sections within the Department, including the Homeland Defense Bureau, Personnel and Payroll, Technical Services, Regional 911 Services, Dispatch and Deployment, Public Affairs, and the Health & Wellness Center.

Chief Seville has worked in every operational capacity as a Firefighter and Captain before promoting to Command Officer in 2009. Danny has also participated in the management of various large scale planned events in the City of Phoenix. In 2010, he served as the Liaison Officer for the City of Phoenix Type III Incident Management Team (IMT) during the 82nd Major League All Star Game and events. In 2015, Danny was also the Operations Section Chief for the Super Bowl XLIX Multi-Agency Coordination Center and oversaw regional operational assets and resources. Chief Seville was also a member of the Phoenix Fire Department's Urban Search and Rescue (US&R) team, Arizona Task Force-1. Danny has also been trained by the Arizona Department of Public Safety as a Terrorism Liaison Officer and works closely with the Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center (ACTIC).    

Danny holds dual Bachelor of Science degrees from Northern Arizona University in Public Management and Emergency Services Administration and a Master of Arts degree in Homeland Security and Emergency Management from Arizona State University.   Danny and his wife have lived in south Phoenix for many years and are parents of two adult children and proud grandparents of their two granddaughters.​





Assistant Chief Shelly Jamison

Phoenix Fire Department Assistant Chief Shelly Jamison manages the Technology Division which is comprised of Dispatch and Deployment, Technical Services, Regional 9-1-1 and Public Affairs.   A Phoenix native, she joined the department in 1998.   Shelly spent the first 15 years of her career in Fire Operations serving in the ranks of Firefighter, Engineer, Company Officer, and Command Officer before being assigned to staff. She also held certifications in Paramedicine, Technical Rescue Technician, and Hazardous Materials Technician.   

Shelly is the Task Force Representative for FEMA's Arizona Task Force One (AZ-TF1) team. It is one of 28 disaster response teams located around the United States. She has deployed to numerous national disasters, most recently as the Task Force Leader for the AZ-TF1 Type III team that responded to Hurricane Florence in 2018. In addition, Shelly has deployed with the City of Phoenix Incident Management Team (IMT), and FEMA's National Incident Support Team (IST).  She is a member of FEMA's Public Affairs Working Group.

Shelly is an adjunct instructor in Wide Area Search and Community Disaster Response for Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX), and basic and advanced Public Information Officer training for the Department of Emergency and Military Affairs (DEMA).  She is a board member with the Arizona Burn Foundation, ex post officio member of the Valley Women's Firefighter Society, and the Phoenix Fire Foundation. 

Shelly has a Bachelor of Science in Journalism from Arizona State University and an M.A. in Public Administration from Northern Arizona University.​




Assistant Chief Mike Duran​

Chief Duran, a native of Phoenix, joined the Phoenix Fire Department in 1994.  He is currently assigned to Executive Staff where he serves as the Assistant Chief over the Medical Support Services Division.  This Division consists of the Medical Director, online Medical Control, EMT and Paramedic Continuing Education, accredited Paramedic training, Crisis Response, Community Integrated Health programs, Logistics and Resource Management, which include Supply, Fleet and Facilities .

Prior to becoming a command officer, Chief Duran spent the first 20 years of his career as a Firefighter, Engineer and Captain.  He has held certifications as a Paramedic and Hazardous Materials Technician.

In 2010, he was assigned to the Homeland Defense Bureau as one of the lead planners where he worked jointly with the members of the City of Phoenix Office of Emergency Management, Phoenix Police Department and Maricopa County Public Health.  He was part of the Terrorism Liaison Officer (TLO) Program and a member of the All Hazards Incident Management Team (AHIMT) which oversaw the planning for large-scale citywide events such as SB1070 protests, Occupy Phoenix, Shut Down the ALEC Conference, National Socialist Movement (NSM) March, Vigilant Guard (multi-agency large scale training event) and Major League Baseball (MLB) All Star Week.  He was deployed to New York's Emergency Operations Center (EOC) during Hurricanes Irene and Sandy to manage the Logistical Staging Areas.  He was also part of the Phoenix IMT to support the Planning Section for the Yarnell 19 Memorial Service and subsequent funerals.  As a Captain and Division Chief, he facilitated the regional Public Safety planning efforts for Super Bowl XLIX and the 2016 College Football Playoff.

In 2016, he was reassigned to the Fire Facilities Management where he oversaw a $3.9 million-dollar budget and the Department's 78 facilities and fire stations.  In March of 2018, he was promoted to Deputy Chief and was assigned to the Operations Division as Commander for the Central District.

Mike is a member of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) AZ Task Force-1 and was deployed to Hurricane's Harvey and Irma in 2017 and Hurricane Florence in 2018 as a Plans Manager.

Mike is married to his wife Tina and they have 3 children.





Assistant Chief Tim Kreis

Tim Kreis began his career with the Phoenix Fire Department in 2002.  He is currently assigned to the Executive Staff where he serves as the Assistant Fire Chief of the Operations Division for the Fire Department.  The Operations Division includes six Fire Districts, six Shift Commanders, nine Battalions, and the Emergency Response Staffing Office. As a member of the Phoenix Fire Department, Tim has experience in Fire Operations, Emergency Management, Training, and Fire Prevention.

 Tim has served as an adjunct faculty member for the Fire Science programs at Phoenix College and Paradise Valley Community College.  He has also served as an instructor and speaker at various national conferences, which include the Fire Department Instructor Conference, Firehouse World Conference, and Metropolitan Fire Chiefs Conference.  Tim has been a member of the International Fire Service Training Association since 2007 and serves as the Chairman of the Regional Operations Consistency Committee.

 Tim has worked in every operational capacity during his tenure as a Firefighter, Engineer, and Fire Captain prior to promoting to Command Officer. Tim has also participated in the management of various large scale planned events in the City of Phoenix.

Tim currently holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Fire Administration and is pursuing a Master of Arts degree in Organizational Leadership. Tim is a native Phoenician and has lived in the City of Phoenix all his life.  Tim and his wife have two children and currently reside in north Phoenix.​




Assistant Chief Mark Gonzales

Mark Gonzales began his career with the Phoenix Fire Department in 1996. He is currently assigned to the Executive Staff where he oversees the Urban Services Division consisting of Health and Wellness, Investigations and the Homeland Defense Bureau. 

As a Command Officer, Mark has managed several sections within the Department including Operations of Battalions, Fleet, Member Services, Logistics and the Training Section.

Mark has worked in every operational capacity as a Firefighter, Engineer and Captain before promoting to a Command Officer in 2016. As a Captain, Mark served L493 as a Trustee and Shift Rep and again as the Secretary of the Professional Fire Chiefs Association (PFCOA) after promoting. He is a Peer Support member for the Phoenix Fire Department and Master Instructor for the IAFF Peer Support Program.

Mark Is a native of Phoenix, Arizona and is a second generation firefighter with two brothers on the job. He and his wife have six children and reside in North Central Phoenix.