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Coronavirus Update: Mask/Face Covering Optional

A mask or face covering is no longer required to enter the Phoenix Municipal Court Building, 300 W. Washington Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85003-2103.

No se requiere mascarilla o protectores faciales para entrar al Tribunal Municipal de Phoenix, 300 W. Washington Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85003-2103.

If you have questions, would like to confirm a court date, or have an updated address or phone number, please contact the Phoenix City Prosecutor’s Office at 602-262-6461.

Si tiene preguntas, le gustaría confirmar una cita en la corte o cambiar su dirección o número de teléfono, comuníquese con la Oficina del Fiscal de Phoenix al 602-262-6461.

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​Before Appearing in Court

  • Call the phone number on your subpoena when you receive your subpoena, AND on the day before your court appearance.
  • If you move or change telephone numbers, call the number on your subpoena.
  • If someone you know also witnessed the incident but never spoke to Police, please provide that person’s name, address, and telephone number to the Prosecutor’s Office.​
  • If you or your organization has any notes, summaries, internal reports, photographs, audio recordings, video recordings, or other materials related to this incident, immediately contact the Prosecutor’s Office.

Are You Afraid?

  • If you are threatened, immediately contact the Phoenix Police Department. In an emergency call 911. For non-emergency assistance call Crime Stop at 602-262-6151.
  • If you have fears about participating in this case, or if you are being asked not to appear in court (via phone, personal contact, e-mail, or text message) by anyone, including the defense attorney, then please call the Prosecutor’s Office.

Appearing in Court

  • Everyone entering the Courthouse is required to go through metal detectors for security reasons.
  • Go to the courtroom listed on your subpoena and speak with the Prosecutor who will be at the table closest to the jury box.
  • In most cases, non-jury trials take a few hours. Jury trials may take a day or more.
  • Discounted parking is provided in the Garage at 305 West Washington with a Court validated ticket.
  • No food or beverages may be brought into the courthouse. For more information, Learn more about food and beverages in the courthouse.


  • The prosecutor or the defendant’s attorney may contact you before trial to hear what you will testify to at the time of trial.
  • You can determine the conditions of the interview; you can have it by telephone or in-person. If you received a victim’s rights pamphlet, please refer to it for more information about your rights at interviews.
  • Victims have additional rights; please contact Victim Services at 602-261-8192.

Important Reminders

  • TELL THE TRUTH.  Answer truthfully. If you do not remember something, it is best to say you do not remember.
  • BE PREPARED.  Try to recall what happened and picture the scene before coming to court. Clearly tell what happened in your own words; don’t try to memorize your testimony.
  • SPEAK CLEARLY AND LOUDLY.  If you did not hear or understand the question, ask for it to be repeated. If you require an interpreter, inform the Prosecutor’s Office in advance.
  • ANSWER ONLY THE QUESTION ASKED.  Stop immediately if the judge interrupts or an attorney objects.
  • DO NOT GUESS. If you do not know the answer, say so. If you give an estimate of time or distance, be sure to state that you are estimating.
  • BE COURTEOUS.  Remain calm and polite; do not lose your temper.
  • DRESS FOR COURT.  A neat, clean, dress appearance is important. No hats are permitted in court rooms.

Court Date Conflicts

  • The subpoena is a court order. Conflicts with obligations such as work, vacation, or school schedules do NOT excuse you from court. With sufficient notice, we will attempt to resolve the conflict. Any change of date must be approved by the Court.