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Food Grants

The Office of Environmental Programs is providing funding opportunities through the Resilient and Sustainable Agriculture grant, Agri-Food Technology Innovation grant, and the Food System Transformation grant.

Food System Transformation Grant​​​

​​​​Click to apply here​

​​To ensure a resilient food system, the City, through the OEP, invites small business within the City’s food system to submit applications seeking funding to implement projects designed to transform th​e City’s food system into a more resilient, sustainable, equitable, healthy, and thriving system.

​Haga clic aqui para solictarlo

​Para garantizar un sistema alimentario resistente, la ciudad, a través del OEP, invita a las pequeñas empresas del sistema alimentario de la ciudad a presentar solicitudes de financiación para llevar a cabo proyectos diseñados para transformar el sistema alimentario de la ciudad en un sistema más resistente, sostenible, equitativo, saludable y próspero.

​​Resilient and Sustainable Agriculture Grant​

Grant funding is available to farms advancing projects designed to accelerate the transition toward a more resilient, sustainable, equitable and thriving food system.

T​he Office of Environmental Programs is awarding the following organizations a Resilient and Sustainable Agriculture Grant:


Creighton Community Foundation (CCF)

CCF's current projects and programs focus on (1) creating communal spaces such as  community gardens/urban farms where multiple generations can come together, build healthy relationships, and learn alongside one another and (2) offering wrap-around services intentionally designed to strengthen at-risk youth and families. 

Building upon the success of CCF's thriving urban farm site at David Crockett Elementary School, CCF will create the expansion of this food-growing operation to another ​Grand Canalscape-connected edible urban farm. The farm will focus on the use of regenerative, low-resource, and environmentally tolerant gardening technologies to encourage resilient, sustainable food production.​

Food Forest Logos.png

​Food Forest Cooperative (FFC)

The Food Forest Cooperative was established in March of 2021 and is located on a 1-acre plot at Spaces of Opportunity. This space will be used to engage with the local community and offer educational opportunities around the value of culturally relevant, whole fruits and vegetables, medicine making, and learning about the many uses of edible/medicinal plants.

With this grant, the FFC will implement shade infrastructure, greenhouse infrastructure, a water tank, and a solar pump on their plot to increase their ability to grow and sell products locally, connect with the community, and enhance food forest protection during the summer heat.

Maya's Farm.jpgMaya's Farm

Maya's Farm is a small, organic, and sustainable operation which produces high-quality specialty vegetables, herbs, flowers and eggs for restaurants, local markets, and schools. The farm is located on a 3.3-acre plot in South Phoenix.

Maya's Farm will utilize grant funds to support a soil and agroforestry project. The project components will establish a positive feedback system, increase yields, reduce labor hours, lower temperatures, boost water and energy efficiency, and promote carbon capture.​

recycled city pic.jpeg

Recycled City

R.City is a full circle service operation that collects food waste from around the Valley and composts it to grow produce available for purchase. Through its service offerings, R.City is building farmland, reducing landfill waste, reducing transportation and spoilage, and strengthening the local food economy.

For 38 weeks, Recycled City will provide a composting service and deliver a $10 farm box to 26 Phoenix residents located within food deserts. The composting bins will be replaced each week and each farm box comes with fresh, organic fruits and vegetables grown from farms in Phoenix.​

SVDP Logo.png

 Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SVdP)

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul in Phoenix is a 76-year-old 501c3 that fulfills the most basic needs — to be fed, clothed, housed and healed— of the working poor, those experiencing homelessness, and volunteers seeking meaningful interactions.

As a part of their Urban Farms Program, SVdP will install seasonal shade structures at their Phoenix-based farms to extend their growing season, increase soil biology, and implement a robust crop rotation.

YoBro Farms logo.png

YoBro Farms

YoBro Farms has been in operation since 2015 and is a grower of gourmet microgreens, mushrooms, and seasonal produce.

YoBro Farms aims to create an outdoor, solar-powered, semi-automated, vertical mushroom farming system that will promote efforts to reduce the impact of local food production.

Agri-Food Tech Innovation Grant​

This program will provide funding and incentives to encourage food system entrepreneurs and innovative food businesses to expand or locate in Phoenix. ​

The Office of Environmental Programs is awarding the following organizations​ an Agri-Food Tech Innovation Grant:

CISA Indoor Farming text element identity CROP 2.png

ASU Indoor Farming Lab

Dr. Yujin Park and Professor Zhihao Chen of Arizona State University created the Indoor Farming Lab on the ASU Polytechnic campus. The lab consists of a research vertical farm, greenhouse space, and two walk-in growth chambers with the aim of improving the quality and availability of nutritious food for urban populations.

Park and Chen will create two, 3-day workshops on indoor vertical farming (IVF) for all stakeholders within the food system to enhance understanding of IVF crop production and management to create more accessible healthy food for Phoenix residents located in food deserts. In addition to the workshops, Park and Chen will also work with ASU students to research, develop and share IVF cost and energy reduction strategies to boost the broad adoption of IVF. 


FreshK​ube Inc.

FreshKube Inc. was founded in 2021 with the specific goal to improve, market and refine the concept of the mini-containers (MCs). A mini-container is a cyber-enabled, Lego-like device that can be incrementally connected to refrigerate the volume needed by the harvest at hand.

FreshKube will use grant funds to construct six mini containers and a portable micro-solar farm to provide small growers and distributors with cost-effective and transportable temperature-controlled containers that can be powered by renewable energy.  

Homer Farms Logo.jpegHomer Farms​​

Founded in 2019 by Zhihao Chen and Chad Geelhood, the Arizona-grown Homer Farms Inc. is a startup that innovatively converts food waste into bioenergy and fertilizer to support the growth of fresh local produces inside its vertical farms with the vision to make a more sustainable and resilient circular food system to feed the world.

Homer Farms Inc. will build a 10,000 ft2 vertical farm in Phoenix to create an innovative circular economy between food production and food waste management. Additionally, it will establish a resilient and robust food system with minimum environmental impact by the integration of controlled environmental agriculture, anaerobic digestion, and photovoltaic power. ​The facility will produce a minimum of 500,000 pounds of produce per year while utilizing 95% less water than traditional agriculture.

LEHR Innovations LLC.png

LEHR Gardens

Lehr Innovations, LLC, is an Agri-Food Tech company located in Phoenix, AZ, with a focus on applying sustainable and regenerative agriculture models and methods to urban agriculture.

Lehr will build a small-scale urban farm and testing site on a plot at Spaces of Opportunity to measure differences in water usage, soil carbon sequestration, costs, productivity between their existing Linking Ecosystem and Hardware for Regeneration (LEHR) Gardens and traditional in-ground farming methods. The grant funds will be used to support the setup of a demonstration and testing site and develop a prototype of a new LEHR garden system. 

​​​NxT Horizon.jpgNxT Horizon

NxT Horizon LLC is an Ag Tech consulting firm from South Phoenix that helps farmers, agricultural organizations and local governments identify and implement sustainable solutions to real world problems by making urban agriculture more accessible, predictable, and productive.

NxT Horizon will create a pilot program aiming for the successful cultivation of the giant freshwater prawn within an aquaponics garden system. This program will increase water conservation and the ability to produce increased amounts of high-quality food on limited amounts of land with the potential new benefits of applying business models that lower food costs, decrease food insecurity, and increase access to wider varieties of locally desired food types. ​​

Phx Food Co-op.jpg

Phoenix Food Cooperative

Phoenix Food Co-op is a start-up cooperative composed of volunteer Phoenix. Organizing for the past two and a half years, the group's mission is to open a community-owned cooperative grocer that provides healthy, locally-produced, and accessible food, while also working to create a community space for all people to gather.

The Phoenix Food Co-op is working to establish Phoenix's first cooperative grocery store that will serve as a kinder, healthier, more inclusive and community-focused food systems hub. The Co-op will aggregate local food sources from Phoenix-area growers and producers and connect residents, retailers, and other consumers.

 YoBro Farms.png

YoBro Farms

YoBro Farms has been in operation since 2015 and is a grower of gourmet microgreens, mushrooms, and seasonal produce.

YoBro Farms will build a hybrid “verti-ponics" microgreen grow house to create a fully functional, low-impact system to expand the production capability of their farm's vertical microgreen grow system.