A Guide to Trees in Phoenix

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​Phoenix parks are home to thousands of mature trees that provide crucial shade and air quality benefits for the entire city. The pictures below are to more information on the most common trees in Phoenix city parks. 


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African Sumac Allepo Pine More about Arizona Ash Arizona Sycamore Australian Bottle Tree Blue Paloverde California Fan Palm Canary Island Date Palm Carob Tree Chaste Tree Chilian Mesquite Tree Chinese Elm Chinese PistachCoolibah Tree Date Palm Desert Fern Desert Willow Honey Mesquite Indian Rosewood Ironwood Little Leaf Palo Verde Live Oak Mexican Fan Palm Mexican Palo Verde Mondale Pine Olive Tree Palo Brea Red Gum Shoe String Acacia Silk Oak Sweet Acacia Texas Ebony Thornless Honey Locust White Mulberry Willow Acacia