Indoor Events without Certificate for Assembly

​​​ballroom sceneIf you are planning an event for more than 49 occu​​pants in a building that does not have a Certificate of Occupancy (CofO)​ for Assembly, it may be possible to obtain a permit for this temporary use.  Please select the links below for all items that apply to your event.

Always required:

​​Also required if included in the event:

  •  If the event includes generators or temporary wiring to an existing ​electrical panel, a permit from the Planning & Development Department is required.  The documents Temporary Event Power and Temporary Generators Serving Temporary Wiring answer common questions and provide guidance on obtaining these permits. 
  • All bleachers and any stage or platform higher than 30" require a building permit from the Planning & Development Department.  More information can be found in the Bleacher/Stage/Platform Guideline.
  • Food service and the use of portable restrooms is regulated by Maricopa County.  Their website provides information on how to obtain the appropriate permits.
  • If you plan to include the sale or service of alcohol, a liquor license is required.  Qualified organizations may apply for a Special Event liquor license.  Visit the "Special Event" section of the License Services website, for detailed information.  If you plan to extend an existing active liquor license into unlicensed areas adjacent to the premises, you need to apply for an Extension of Premises.  Once the city approves the special event liquor license application or extension of premises, the Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses & Control must review and ultimately approve the special event license/extension of premises before alcohol may be served or sold. 
  • If sales or vending is planned, a Vending License may be required depending on the vending location and type of vending activity.  In addition, a Tempor​ary Privilege (sales) Tax License is required when conducting taxable activity within in the city of Phoenix.  To apply for a temporary tax license, visit to the Privilege Tax License webpage.​​​​​​