Historic Preservation Nonresidential Districts

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​​​​​​Nonresidential Districts

The following is a list of the nonresidential historic districts designated with Historic Preservation (HP) overlay zoning, along with the month and year of its listing. Districts with asterisks are designated as landmarks with Historic Preservation-Landmark (HP-L) overlay zoning.

Click on the name to view the district map.

  • Heritage Square'  Block 14
    Generally located north of Washington Street extending to Monroe Street between Sixth and Seventh streets.
    April 1989 (Period of Significance: 1895-1920)
  • Matthew Henson Public Housing Project
    Located on the west side of Seventh Avenue just south of Sherman Street.
    June 2005 (Period of Significance: 1940-1941)
  • North Central Avenue Streetscape
    Located within the Central Avenue right-of-way between Bethany Home Road and the Arizona Canal.
    July 2004 (Period of Significance: 1895-1951)
  • Papago Park
    Bounded by Van Buren Street and McDowell Road between 52nd Street and the Arizona Crosscut Canal.
    October 1989 (Period of Significance: 1932-1946)
  • *Phoenix Indian School
    Generally located west of Third Street and north of Indian School Road.
    October 1992; landmark designation March 2004 (Period of Significance: 1891-1931)
  • *Phoenix Union High ​School Campus
    Located along the north side of Van Buren Street between Fifth and Seventh streets.
    December 1986; landmark designation and boundary adjustment January 2003 (Period of Significance: 1911-1912)
  • *Pioneer Cemetery and Memorial Park
    Generally bounded by 13th and 15th avenues, Jefferson and Harrison streets.
    June 1991; landmark designation March 2004 (Period of Significance: 1880-1914)
  • *Pueblo Grande Museum and Archaeological Park
    4619 E. Washington St.
    September 1991; landmark designation June 2005 (Period of Significance: AD 500-1941)
  • South Mountain Par​k and Preserves
    Located south of Baseline Road extending as far as the alignment of Chandler Boulevard, between 48th Street on the east and 47th Avenue on the west.
    October 1989 (Period of Significance: 1933-1942)