Historic Property Surveys

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Historic properties are identified primarily through the completion of historic property surveys.  These surveys may be conducted by city staff or by an outside entity.  Each survey looks at properties within a specific geographical area, which may be as small as a single city block or as large as the entire city.  Depending on the purpose of the survey, it may attempt to identify every eligible historic property in the survey area or it may focus on the eligibility of properties relating to a particular theme (such as commerce, agriculture, or ethnic heritage).  With some exceptions, historic property surveys generally consist of a summary of the survey methodology, a written report with one or more historic contexts, and an inventory of the historic properties identified in the survey accompanied by maps, photographs, and recommendations of eligibility.


Below is a link to a number of surveys that have been conducted for various areas or property types within the city.  Some surveys are older and may be outdated.  Others were limited in their scope.  For more information regarding eligible properties within the city, please contact the Historic Preservation Office.

19th Century Architecture

African-American Historic Property Survey

Arcadia Historic Residential Property Survey

Asian American Historic Property Survey

City of Phoenix Historic Property Surveys for the Aviation Department

City-Owned Historic Properties Survey (1986)

Commercial Property Survey-Jr. League (1984)

Hispanic Historic Property Study

Laveen Village Historic Property Survey (2007)

Post World War II Multi-Family Residential Housing Context (1945-1980)

Public Housing in Phoenix (1940-1970)

Tourism-Related Resources of S. 17th Ave.