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Planning and Zoning and Zoning<div class="ExternalClass3C931D85E58C4CF281691963C04DDC71"><html> <p>Planning guides the physical development of the city. Examples of the department's work include implementation of the Phoenix General Plan​; administration and updating of the Zoning Ordinance; processing of rezoning requests and General Plan amendments; development of area and neighborhood plans; development of long-range growth strategies; and development and implementation of freeway mitigation programs.<br></p> </html></div>



Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Oriented Development (TOD)<div class="ExternalClass9FB3530F41864DDC81D6C0FEBAC3CDF4"><p>Planning for our Light Rail neighborhoods​</p></div>_self
Walkable Urban Code Urban Code<div class="ExternalClass0BF15E3AEAAA40A4BBD594541E5DCFC7"><p>Walkable Urban Code​<br></p></div>_self
Group Homes / Community Residences Homes / Community Residences<div class="ExternalClass84BC139002464531BA1A62D640DBA16A"><p>​<br><br></p></div>_self
National Community Planning Month Community Planning Month<div class="ExternalClass626F027E51D34348943F7E2453BFF7E2"><p>​<span style="font-size:13pt;font-family:calibri, sans-serif;">October Is National Community Planning Month</span><br></p></div>_self Month image.png
General Plan Update 2025 Plan Update 2025<div class="ExternalClass77340D4A4D5443D7A5A5AE5CC4EE77E7"><p>​The city updates the General Plan every 10 years. The next update is 2025. Check here to follow the updates and learn how you can particpate.<br></p></div>_self link image.JPG
Village Planning Committees Planning Committees<div class="ExternalClassFB647CC447194C8284811FB8A288F720"><p>​Check out the <a href="/villages" target="_blank">Village Planning Committees</a> website for information, maps to meeting locations, downloads, and schedules. Plus, watch new video series!</p></div>_self



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