Review Addressing - Subdivision Developments

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1. Customer submits subdivision plat information to P&D for review. The plat proceeds through the subdivision review process, which requires a preliminary and final plat submission. When the final subdivision has been approved by P&D, a copy of the approved plat will be forwarded to the P&D addressing staff.


2. P&D staff begin assignment of the address, which is created prior to City Council approval and County recording of the final plat, and assigned pursuant to (MAG) guidelines and distributed to the Police, Fire, and Water Departments, Maricopa County, the USPS, APS, SRP, Qwest, and Cox Communications. Although not yet available for permit issuance, addresses are helpful for utility set-up, advertising, and other informational purposes.


3. Once the final plat has been recorded, Maricopa County assigns assessor's parcel numbers to each lot. The assessor's parcel numbers are sent to the city Clerk's office, who commits them and the corresponding address to the city's permitting system. Although the addresses have been assigned in advance, a permit can only be issued when the valid assessor's parcel number has been received from Maricopa County and attached to the address in the city's permitting system.