Review Addressing - Non-residential Developments

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​​​​​​​​1. The customer submits a preliminary site plan review application to DSD, which begins the site plan​ review pro​cess.

2. The application is forwarded to addressing staff to begin assignment of the address, which is assigned pursuant to MAG guidelines, and is distributed to the Police, Fire, and Water Departments, Maricopa County, the USPS, APS, SRP, Qwest, and Cox Communications. The address information is returned to the site plan review staff to relay to the customer at the pre-application or preliminary site plan meeting.

3. If a valid assessor's parcel number exists at the time the address is assigned, the address is committed to the KIVA permitting system and is available for permit issuance. If no valid assessor's parcel number exists at the time of the address assignment due to land division or plat activity, please refer to Addressing, Subdi​vision D​evelopments.​