Residential Projects Projects<div class="ExternalClass639D325F51FE4561906B18C83D65BB1F"><html> <div class="ExternalClass1CB3915609EA436F836AED9887052008"> <p>​Residential development includes single-family homes, duplex, and townhome projects. Construction permits are needed for new homes and when existing homes are remodeled or additions are made. For instance, a permit is needed for a garage/carport construction or conversion, porch enclosure, demolition, patio cover, fence/wall, and other construction projects. For a detailed listing of the types of construction that require a permit, see the <a href="/pddsite/Documents/TRT/dsd_trt_pdf_00576r.pdf" target="_blank">Residential Single Family Construction Permit Guide (PDF)​</a>.</p> <p> <strong>Residential Plan Review Appointments</strong> are available for the specific type of plan reviews listed below. All other plans can be submitted at the Development Center or via <a href="" target="_blank">Electronic Plan Review (EPR)​</a>.</p> <ul> <li>Standards: Single Family Residences, Duplex Buildings, Townhomes/Single Family Attached Buildings <ul><li>Maximum 10 standard plans or revision to standard plans for one builder per week</li><li>Maximum 20 standard plans or revision submittals per weekly appointment<br></li></ul></li> <li>Projects assigned to a specific PDD Team Leader that include residential buildings (Requires Team Leader approval to submit)</li> <li> Special projects as determined by Residential Supervisors</li> <a target="_blank" class="chip" href=""><div class="svgicon email"><i class="fal fa-envelope"></i></div></a> <p>Development involving triplex, fourplex, condominium and apartment buildings require commercial permits. Visit<a href="/pdd/commercial" target="_blank"> Commercial​ Projects​</a> for more details.<br></p></ul> <br> </div> </html></div>



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