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Self Certification Rules and Regulations

*Revisions made to the following pages:​

  • Page 3 (Revisions to Program Overview and Definitions due to changes to program)
  • Pages 5  & 6 (Revisions to Eligibility Chart ​and Audit Guidelines due to changes to program)
  • Page 9 (Addition of Owner/Tenant Certification Statement)
  • Page 10 (Removal of tenant reference in Hold Harmless Letter section)
  • Pages 15-17 (Revisions to "Revisions section" both Voluntary and  Mandatory for clarification of expectation of when plans need to be resubmitted)

  • ​Page 16 (Addition of Deferred Submittals & revision to length of time of ​Suspension of Self-Cert Privileges)

For technical assistance with plan submittal, contact the appropriate staf​f.

Submittal Requirements for Self-Certification Plans

Audit and Appeal Procedures

The Planning & Development Department performs random and judgmental audits of self-certified projects as part of its audit process. Audits may be conducted prior to or after the issuance of the permit. The purpose of the audit is to verify compliance with the building code and measure the efficiency of the Self-Certification Program. For more information refer to the Audit and Appeals Procedure.