Self-Certification Professional Requirements

​​​​​Professional Qualifications
  • Architect or structural engineer registered in Arizona for at least three years to certify building plans
  • Landscape architect registered in Arizona for at least three years to certify landscape and parking lot plans
  • Civil engineer registered in Arizona for at least three years to certify grading and drainage and parking lot plans
  • Architects certified for building plans may also attend training to certify parking lot plans
  • Successful completion of self-certification training from the Planning & Development Department
Exception Application for Other Professionals

Registered structural engineers are eligible to participate in the program. Interested engineers other than structural must have been registered in Arizona for at least three years and must demonstrate they have operated as a "project prime professional," as defined by the Arizona Board of Technical Registration. To be considered, non-structural engineers must complete the Application for Enrollment into Training Class Form (PDF). This application is not required for professionals who meet the qualifications listed in the "Professional Qualifications" section above.

Self-Certification Training

Architects and engineers who qualify for the Self-Certification Program are required to attend training from the Planning & Development Department. Training for building plan certification is a two-day session. Landscape and civil training are six-hour training sessions. Structural Peer Reviewers attend the structural session of the building plan training. The intent of the training is to provide participants with an overview of the Self-Certification Program requirements, submittal process, and reinforce to the Self-Cert Professional that they are taking on the responsibility for the full plan review and certifying that projects submitted through the program comply with the Phoenix Building Construction Code.

Register online to reserve your space in upcoming training classes. Dates and times are listed there.

Below are links to the most recent versions of presentations provided to attendees of the self-certification classes. Note: not all presentations have accompanying handouts.