Building Maintenance Registration Program (BMR)

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​​​​​The Building Maintenance Registration (BMR) Program is intended for electrical and plumbing/mechanical maintenance projects. Many BMR participants are also enrolled in the Annual Faciliti​es Program (AFP). In fact the BMR program registration forms are modeled after those for AFP, making the BMR program a consistent solution for existing AFP customers.

Structural maintenance or repairs are not part of the BMR program because structural changes require a full plan or permit review. Additionally, structural changes typically represent the addition or removal of square footage. If a registrant is involved in both the BMR and AFP programs, a proposed project that is beyond the BMR's program scope can easily be moved to the AFP program.

Consider the following example:
An organization needs to add a 120 volt, 20-amp circuit to 20 separate buildings. Work load constraints require that these changes occur over 28 months - six months longer than normal permit expiration time frames. The required plans could be as simple as 8 1/2 x 11 sheets with a floor plan, a panel schedule, and load calculations for the circuit.

A Simple Building Maintenance Registration vs. Non-Building Maintenance Registration Cost Comparison of the Example Project
Building Maintenance RegistrationNon-Building Maintenance Registration
  • Facility registration fee / year - $600
  • Inspection fee - $190 / hr
  • Reasonable expectation of inspection charge on 20 buildings = 3 to 4 hours total = $760
  • Total = $600 + $760 = $1,360
  • Plan review and creation of permit - $190 ea.
  • Underground/Rough electrical inspection - $190 ea.
  • Final electrical inspection - $190 ea.
  • Total = 3 x $190 = $570 per building x 20 buildings = $11,400 in plan review and inspection fees.

The BMR program is a cost-effective way for an organization to benefit from our building safety inspection services. For those small projects such as an additional circuit, relocating receptacle outlets or lighting fixtures, relocating a sink or water closet, BMR works very well.

Examples of Maintenance Projects Covered Under the BMR Program 

Maintenance Type
Permit Required
YesNoCall Inspector**
Remove and replace lighting fixtures.X.
Remove and replace plumbing fixtures.X.
Addition to existing 400 amp Building Service Equipment*, with 22,000 amps available fault or less..X
Remove and replace HVAC unit..X
Add receptacle outlets to existing circuit..X
Remodel restroom for ADA..X
Connect new process equipment..X
Upgrade electrical serviceX..
Add new gas appliance and pipingX..
* Building Service Equipment refers to any electrical equipment that provides lighting, heating, cooling, fire fighting etc., essential for the habitable occupancy of the building for its designated use.
** While some projects may normally require permits, one of our inspectors can easily determine permit requirements for any given maintenance project.

One final consideration for the BMR program is the qualification of staff for the program. The BMR program licenses individuals for a company's buildings. The Planning & Development Department (P&D) recommends using journeyman and apprentice licensing services for plumbing and mechanical staff. Please contact P&D for electrical testing. You may also use licensed staff outside your organization. However, once you no longer use these outside staff for the BMR program, your ability to use the BMR program terminates.

More Information about the Building Maintenance Registration Program