Water and Sewer Line Protection

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​Partner Profile:  Service Line Warranties of America

Did you know that most water and sewer lines that run through your yard are not covered by homeowners insurance? That means, the leak would be the homeowners responsibility, which could get costly.

The city of Phoenix is excited to participate in the National League of Cities Service Line protection Program, provided by business partner, Service Line Warranties of America (SLWA).  SLWA offers residents optional sewer and water line warranties as an added layer of protection should one of those lines start to leak. 

Image of water line repairSince this partnership began in 2012, Phoenix residents have saved well over $2 Million. The program has also generated approximately $1.5 Million in revenue for crucial city services including police and fire protection, library services, and parks. 

The Service Line Protection Program was developed through the city's Innovation and Efficiency efforts.