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​The Communications Office and Information Technology Services are partners in the oversight of the city's official website. 


The city's website debuted in 1995 as "Phoe​nix At Your Fingertips" and offers electronic access to Phoenix City Hall 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

The public can obtain budget information, public records, communicate via e-mail with City Council members and city officials, watch city videos and gain access to a wealth of information by using the Search box on our webpages.

Providing information from the public's point of view has been a hallmark of Phoenix's philosophy regarding electronic access to government, and we support the philosophy that the World Wide Web Consortium, also known as the W3C, sets forth for usability and accessibility by those who are visually impaired 

On our website you can conduct city business including:

The goal of the city's web site is to use technology to offer online as many of the same services that are available in person as possible. Equally important is to use technology to increase accessibility to city services and empower people — regardless of their socioeconomic status, age or physical disability — to be able to fully participate in city government.​

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