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Cold Case - Adult Sex Crimes

The Adult Sex Crimes Cold Case squad is responsible for any sexual assault case that remains unsolved for one or more years after being reported AND has no viable or unexplored investigative leads.

Cold Case - Homicide

The Phoenix Police Department's goal is to resolve all investigations in a timely manner. Unfortunately, some cases that lack evidence or witnesses inevitably remain unresolved. These web pages are designed to provide information on cold cases in the hopes of generating new leads in the investigations.

Cri​me Laboratory

The Phoenix Police Department Laboratory Services Bureau (Crime Lab) is a nationally accredited forensic laboratory that provides technical assistance and training, evaluates and analyzes evidence, interprets results and provides expert testimony related to the full spectrum of physical evidence recovered from crime scenes.  Some of the scientific procedures utilized by the laboratory have the potential for linking a suspect to a crime, victim, or a scene. 

Family Investigations Bureau

The mission of the Family Investigations Bureau is to thoroughly investigate cases of Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse, and Crimes Against Children and to further reduce trauma through the interaction of a multidisciplinary team to provide comprehensive services to victims and their families.

Located: 2120 N. Central Ave Ste 250, Phone: 602-534-2121​

Gun Enforcement and Intelligence Squad

The mission of the Gun Enforcement and Intelligence Squad is to suppress and prevent firearms related crimes through effective enforcement of Federal and State firearms laws. This squad, in partnership with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), is dedicated to the investigation of prohibited firearms possessors, armed career criminals, illegal firearms trafficking, violent organizations and gangs that misuse firearms.

Missing and Unidentified Persons Unit

The Phoenix Police Department Missing and Unidentified Persons Detail is responsible for the follow-up investigation of missing person reports. The detail typically handles thousands of reports every year.

Property Crimes Bureau

The mission of the Property Crimes Bureau is to enhance the ove​rall quality of life in our community by addressing property related crimes through community awareness, education, and the utilization of quality based investigative techniques.

Vehicular Homicide Unit

The Phoenix Police Department regrets your family member has been involved in a serious traffic collision. If you have lost a loved one in a traffic fatality, we extend our sincere condolences.

Violent Crimes Bureau

The mission of the Violent Crimes Bureau is to support the Phoenix Police Department's purpose of ensuring the safety and security of each person in our community by conducting initial follow-up investigations thoroughly, completely and ethically.