Missing and Unidentified Persons Unit

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​​​​The Phoenix Police Department Missing and Unidentified Persons Detail is responsible for the follow-up investigation of missing person reports. The detail typically handles thousands of reports every year.

The goals of the Phoenix Police Department Missing and Unidentified Persons Unit are

  1. To ensure a reported missing person is not a victim of foul play.
  2. To ensure runaway juveniles are listed properly in the National Crime Information Computer (NCIC) and to assist parents in locating their runaway children.
  3. To activate the Amber Alert in the rare circumstance of a child abduction.
  4. To identify unidentified victims (both living and deceased)

Types of Missing Persons Investigations

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Amber Alert

The Amber Alert is a system designed to be implemented in the rare circumstance of a child abduction. Amber Alerts are not issued for runaways, missing or lost children, or custodial situations. They are reserved for when a child is abducted.

Silver Alert

As prescribed by A.R.S. 28-1728, specific criteria are established in statute for a Silver Alert.  For more information, pleace visi​t the Department of Public Safety's website​

​​Unidentified Persons

Learn more about here.

There are an estimated 40,000 unidentified human remains in the United States. This has been called the "nation's silent mass disaster." The Phoenix Police Department's Missing and Unidentified Persons Unit is currently attempting to identify close to a hundred John and Jane Doe victims within our jurisdiction.

One source the Phoenix Police Department uses in identifying individuals is NamUs. The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs) is a national centralized repository and resource center for missing persons and unidentified decedent records. NamUs is a free online system that can be searched by medical examiners, coroners, law enforcement officials and the general public from all over the country in hopes of resolving these cases.  Watch this video about NamUs.

File a Report

To provide tips or any information on Missing Persons or to file a report, please call Crime Stop at 602-262-6151. (Due to circumstances involving the investigations of Missing and Unidentified Persons, online reporting is not available)

If you have information on any Missing or Unidentified Person case please contact the Phoenix Police Department Missing and Unidentified​ Persons Details:

Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.: 602-534-2121
After hours and weekends: 602-262-6141


The Phoenix Police Department will not release criminal history record information to any unauthorized non-criminal justice agency.