Assaults Unit

Purpose Statement

The purpose of the Assaults Unit is to investigate person crimes to a successful conclusion.


The Assaults Detail is commanded by a Lieutenant. There are three Sergeants who supervise three response squads, a Secretary and two Police Assistants.

The Assault Unit is primarily a daytime investigations unit with detectives available for callout 24hrs a day.

Crimes Investigated 

  1. Arson- with Fire Department
  2. Assaults
  3. Aggravated Assaults/Aggravated Assault on Police Officers
  4. Attempted Suicides
  5. Bounty Hunter
  6. Compounding an Assault Crime
  7. Conspiracies
  8. Criminal Nuisance Offenses
  9. Curfew Violations (with JDO Program)
  10. Disorderly Conduct
  11. Drive-by Shooting (non gang related)
  12. Endangerment (non traffic related)
  13. Elder Abuse/Neglect (non DV related)
  14. Escape
  15. False Reporting to a Police Officer (False Information)
  16. Food Tampering (poisonings)
  17. Harassment /Aggravated Harassment (non DV related)
  18. Hindering Prosecution
  19. Impersonating a Public Servant
  20. Injured Persons
  21. Interference with Judicial Proceedings
  22. Interference with Peaceful Conduct of Educational Institution
  23. Intimidation of a Witness/Victim (not related to primary offense), ie., Homicide
  24. Laser Pointers
  25. Mental Health
  26. Obstructing a Public Thoroughfare (non traffic)
  27. Obstructing Criminal Investigation
  28. Police Involved Shootings (where no one is injured or killed)
  29. Prohibited Public Acts
  30. Refusing to Assist Police Officers
  31. Refusing to Assist Fire Control
  32. Resisting Arrest
  33. Rioting
  34. Smoking Violations
  35. Stalking (non DV)
  36. Telephone Crimes
  37. Threats
  38. Trespassing on School Property
  39. Unlawfully Administering Intoxicating Liquors, Narcotics, or Dangerous drugs (non dv, sex crimes)
  40. Unlawful Discharge of a Firearm (Shannon's Law)
  41. Urinating in Public (non sex related)
  42. Vicious Animal Attacks