Auto Theft

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The Auto Theft Detail will investigate motor vehicle thefts including boats, aircraft, motor driven vehicles, trailers, and construction equipment on wheels that can be towed by a vehicle.


If your vehicle has been stolen please call Crime Stop at 602 262-6151 to make a report as soon as possible.   If you are a business with a security interest in a vehicle or you have rented a vehicle that is more than 72 hours overdue, please download the Reporting Packet Instructions, the appropriate reporting packet, and the Stolen Vehicle Agreement & Affidavit. 

For questions you can contact the Auto Theft Detail at 602 262-6674. 


  • Stolen Vehicle Agreement & Affidavit  (PDF)
  • Auto Theft Reporting Packets Instructions  (PDF | Word Document)   
  • ​Failure to Return Rental Vehicle, Rental Companies– Not for Person to Person Rentals (PDF | Word Document)