Resource Innovation Campus

The development of the Resource Innovation Campus (RIC) was approved by Phoenix City Council in 2015. Located at 27th Avenue and Lower Buckeye Road next to the city-owned transfer station, the RIC is dedicated to the creation and growth of a circular economy that will fulfill the City's goal of diverting waste from the landfill. The RIC will help Phoenix reap the economic development benefits of attracting manufacturing processes and conversion technologies that transform waste into resources.

The RIC will have five main components:

  • The 27th Avenue Transfer Station - as innovators identify new ways to transform waste into resources, they can utilize feedstock from the transfer station for new products which will divert more volume away from the landfill and into the City's circular economy.

  • Materials recovery facility (MRF) - as innovators identify new ways to transform waste into resources, they can utilize feedstock from the MRF for research and development testing, new product development and cultivating local end markets.

  • Land leases - property at and around the RIC will be used to develop a resource cluster focusing on a circular economy and by-product synergies. Land leases will be made available for innovators and manufacturers with market-ready technologies and manufacturing processes that use waste to create new products. A competitive process will determine how the land wil be developed.

  • Business Incubation Services - the City is exploring opportunities to house a business incubator for start-up/emerging technologies and manufacturing processes. Conceptually, the business incubator will provide office, workshop, support services, technical services and possible funding resources to innovators.

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 C40 Reinventing Cities

PWD began collaborating with C40 Cities in 2022 on the Reinventing Cities Competition under guidance of Mayor Gallego. C40 is a global network of mayors of nearly 100 world-leading cities collaborating to deliver the urgent action needed to confront the climate crisis. C40 Reinventing Cities Competition is a global call for projects led by C40 and seeks to transform underutilized sites through sustainable and community focused projects helping to integrate innovative solutions to environmental and urban challenges.​

Under the C40 Reinventing Cities Competition, the City is looking for development of up to 20 acres on the RIC using carbon-neutral, energy efficient, heat-resilient solutions that ensure sustainable water usage and meet federal air quality standards.​

 RIC Master Plan

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