City of Phoenix 27th Ave. Compost Facility

In April 2017, Mayor Stanton and City Council unveiled Phoenix's new compost facility located next to the city's transfer station and recycling facility at 27th Avenue and Lower Buckeye Road.  The 27th Avenue Compost Facility sits on approximately 27 acres within the Resource Innovation Campus (RIC), a campus that aims to be a hub for innovators to develop Phoenix's circular economy and find sustainability solutions.  In its initial phase, the compost facility has the capability to process up to 55,000 tons of compost per year.  However, the facility has the future capability to expand and the potential to ultimately process up to 220,000 tons of compost.  The facility features a state-of-the art Turned Aerated Pile (TAP) composting system that makes large amounts of compost in nearly half the time as traditional composting methods.

Envision Award

Envision award

The 27th Avenue Compost Facility is the first solid waste infrastructure project in the United States, and the first project in Arizona, to earn Envision recognition from the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure.  The Envision system rates sustainable infrastructure across the full range of environmental, social and economic impacts.​

Compost Facility Brochure and Map


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Curbside Green Organics Container

Green organics container

This program provides a new large, tan container for yard waste, such as grass clippings, twigs​, branches and shrubs.  This program is perfect for households that have weekly landscaping maintenance and/or own large properties.  The additional monthly fee for the Green Organics container will be $5 a month per tan container requested.​

Curbside Green Organics Container
Compost Master List (English)Compost Lista Maestra (Español)

Certified Green Organics program

The City of Phoenix incentivizes landscape companies and businesses to bring clean yard waste to both the north and south transfer stations in Phoenix through discounted rates at the scale houses. 

Certified Green Organics program for landscape wasteTransfer Station Locations and Hours

​​Composting at Home

Home Composting.pngIf you would like to compost on your own at home, the City offers composters (constructed from old garbage cans) for $5 each. You can pick these up at one of the two Phoenix transfer sta​tions

For more information about picking up a compost container, please send an email to Please provide your name, phone number and address in the email. A representative will reach back out with next steps. 

If you are a commercial business interested in purchasing large quantities of compost from a City of Phoenix facility or program, contact the Zero Waste team to learn more at​

Backyard Composting Instructions​
EPA - Composting at home​​ Arizona Department of Environmental Quality - Composting Guide

​​What is happening with composting in Phoenix?

​​There are some really green and great things happening around our city parks! We are currently testing some of our Green Organics Mix on strategic park locations.  Learn more about our Compost Use Study. ​

Phx Compost Study

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