Composting and Green Organics


Residents can dispose of their yard waste by using a composter or mulcher. City of Phoenix composters (constructed from old garbage cans) can be obtained at a city disposal facility for $5. Call 602-262-7251 for more information. 

Mulching Program

The city of Phoenix and its contractor can grind and process wood and green organics or yard waste (except palm fronds and oleanders). The city contractor operates a mulching processing plant on 20 acres of city-owned land located east of 35th Avenue and south of Lower Buckeye Road. Mulching green organics diverts these compostable materials from our landfill.

Helpful Tips When Taking Green Organics to Transfer Stations:

  • If you are placing material out for the quarterly bulk trash service, please separate your green organic material (minus palm fronds and oleanders) from your non-organic material.
  • Separate the green organics from any food or garbage before arriving to the scale house.
  • Notify the Scale House Clerk that you have "clean green organics."
  • If you're transporting green organics and garbage in the same trailer/vehicle, please keep the garbage in plastic bags to prevent contamination. 

 PWD photo-Bulk Trash/Organics 2PWD photo-Bulk Trash/Organics 1