Back to School, Be Safe, Be Aware

Back to School Safety Resources

As we get ready to start a new and exciting school year, we must remind ourselves of a reality. An emergency can happen anywhere, anytime, and to anyone. To help us better prepare, the City of Phoenix has prepared some helpful family resources.

Print and put this in your child’s back pack (PDF)

Create Your Family’s Communication Plan (PDF)

5 Key Questions to Ask Your Child’s School (PDF)

Review Driver, P​edestrian & Biking Tips

Teach Your Children to Protect Themselves

A Family Safety Plan helps answers the “What if?” questions and makes sure the entire family knows what to do during any crisis or disaster. During critical times, communication and information is key. Planning in advance will help ensure that all the members of your household know how to reach each other and where to meet up in an emergency.

Number 1. Plan. Sit down and make a Family Communication Plan, a paper copy of all important info for your family. Include contact information for family members, medical doctors, schools and other service providers. Click here for a downloadable template.

Number 2. Prepare. Make sure all members of the family have a copy of the communication plan and keep a copy in a central location in the home. Your family Safety Plan should also include a predesignated location to meet if there is an emergency keeping you from your home.   

Number 3. Practice. Regularly evaluate, communicate and review the Family Safety Plan. Make sure to practice, on how the information should be used in an emergency and the route selected to your predesignated location.

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