Downtown Transportation Plan Update

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iconsThe Downtown Transportation Plan Update is taking a broad look at the Phoenix Downtown transportation system (see​ study area map) today and ten years from now. Substantial growth, along with public and private sector investments, are influencing the system. This study will investigate, develop, and analyze various transp​ortation scenarios based on strategies identified by Street Transportation Department staff, stakeholders and the general public.

This plan is an update to the Phoenix Comprehensive Downtown Transportation Study was completed in 2014 in a partnership with the Maricopa Association of Governments. The high-level study developed a new vision for Downtown Phoenix access and mobility to enhance economic opportunities and livability. A strategy of improvements was identified, many of which have either been implemented or are now in progress. 

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Public Involvement:

Downtown Transportation Plan Update - Study Area Thank you to everyone that attended the public meetings held for this study in May/June 2019 and to those the provided input through the online comment form. Three public meetings were held to allow an opportunity for community stakeholders to learn more about the study and share thoughts for improving mobility in Downtown Phoenix. All three meetings covered the same topics. 

Listed below are the project study area maps that were presented at the public meetings held for this study in May/June 2019. The maps include various comments received from those that attended the public meetings.

Downtown Transportation Plan Update - Public Meeting 05-29-2019.pdf

Downtown Transportation Plan Update - Public Meeting 06-07-2019.pdf

Downtown Transportation Plan Update - Public Meeting 06-15-2019.pdf

A summary of the comments received from the public will soon be posted on this webpage. The feedback obtained from this public input process will be used to identify possible transportation improvements and to consider strategies to maintain and improve Downtown mobility.

Project Contact:  

Matt Wilson, Project Manager