​16th Street, Jefferson to Roosevelt Streets​

Proposed Lane Changes ​

UPDATE: The City of Phoenix Street Transportation Department greatly appreciates the responses we received from the community through the public outreach process. Thank you so much to those who participated in our virtual meeting and provided input via the digital survey! The Street Transportation Department will be moving forward with the proposed lane changes; however, because of the fire damage requiring the 7th Street Bridge over the Salt River to remain closed, the paving and striping have been delayed and should occur sometime in Spring 2022. 

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Virtu​al Public Meeting

Thursday, March 4, 2021 at 6 p.m.

Thank you to everyone who attended the live virtual public meeting on March 4, 2021. A recording of the meeting is available below for those that were unable to attend.

​About the Project

What: A bicycle lane is proposed to be added in each direction on 16th Street between Adams Street and Roosevelt Street by removing one northbound travel lane. Parking availability/restrictions will remain the same. Slight traffic lane striping adjustments are also planned between Jefferson and Adams Streets.

When: This section of 16th Street is scheduled to receive pavement maintenance (new asphalt) as part of the Accelera​​ted Pavement Maintenance Program​ in spring 2021. The fresh pavement is a blank slate, creating an opportunity to change the traffic lane striping (paint).

Why: The bicycle lanes add dedicated space for people riding bicycles and make it easier for people driving cars to see them. This improves both comfort and safety for all users of the roadway. The proposed bicycle lanes provide connectivity to nearby bicycle lanes and public transit. The proposed changes also rebalance the roadway. These proposed changes also tie to citywide plans including Reinvent Phoenix, the Eastlake-Garfield Transit Oriented Development Policy Plan and the Complete Streets Policy.

Proposed Changes

The images below show the typical proposed striping layout. These plans will change slightly throughout the corridor including approaching intersections (for example, due to the addition of turn lanes). 

Current Typical Travel Lanes

Cross-section depicting the current travel lane configuration -- 2 SB vehicle lanes, a center turn lane, and 3 NB vehicle lanes

Proposed Typical Travel Lanes

A cross-section depicting the proposed changes -- bike lanes in both directions, 2 NB and 2 SB lanes and a center turn lane

​Cross-sections for entire co​​rridor

​Provide Input

A survey was made available on this webpage following the virtual public meeting that was held on Thursday, March 4, 2021. The survey closed on Friday, March 19.​

​​Project Conta​ct

Albert Granillo, Community Relations Coordinator

Email: agranillo@gciaz.com
Project Hotline: 623-825-3444

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