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Watch the Meeting Video

Click on the video player above, or click here to view it ​on YouTube, to watch the pre-recorded public meeting . ​

About the Proposal

The City of Phoenix Street Transportation Department is proposing to add a bicycle lane in each direction on 40th Street between Washington Street and Loop 202. The bike lane would be added by removing one southbound travel lane from Washington Street to 500’ north of Fillmore Street, and by narrowing the travel lanes from 500’ north of Fillmore Street to Loop 202. Parking restrictions would remain the same.​

Project Schedule

Pavement maintenance (new asphalt) is scheduled for Fall 2021 and traffic lane improvements would happen shortly after.

Project Improvements 

The addition of bicycle lanes add dedicated space for people riding bicycles and make it easier for motorists to see them. This improves both comfort and safety for all users of the roadway. The dedicated space of a bicycle lane adds distance between people driving and people walking or bicycling for increased protection. Additionally, the slight narrowing of the lane widths to accommodate the bicycle lanes will help to guide cars and deter speeding. The proposed bike lanes provide connectivity to nearby bike lanes on 40th Street north of Loop 202 and on Washington Street.

Project Updates

May 2022 

The City of Phoenix Street Transportation Department appreciates the community’s participation and thoughtful input while it considered proposed changes to the section of 40th Street from Washington Street to Loop 202. City staff used stakeholder input gathered during various outreach efforts and engineering judgment to select the final design. 

Bike lanes will be installed in each direction and one travel lane will be removed to accommodate for the change. The planned updates will be completed during summer 2022.  

Project Survey 

The City of Phoenix Street Transportation Department sought out input via a survey and pre-recorded meeting with information on proposed changes to the travel lane striping on 40th Street from Washington to Loop 202. After watching the project meeting video, the public was encouraged to take the survey to let us know what they thought should happen on with this stretch of road.

​The survey closed on Monday, September 27, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. ​

Project Area​

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Project Improvements Design


Contact Information​

Project Manager: Marielle Brown 

Project Hotline: ​(623) 825-3444

Updated  May 2022. ​​​