Hatcher Road Proposed Lane Changes - 19th to 7th Avenues

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*NEW* Project Update May 7, 2020

View larger, printable version: Project Notice Update-200507.pdf

May 7, 2020 Project Update for Hatcher Road 

Proposed Project Details

The proposed project would change the striping of the lanes on this section of Hatcher Road from two vehicle travel lanes in each direction to one vehicle travel lane in each direction with the addition of a center turn lane, plus buffered bicycle lanes in each direction. 

Current Lane Striping        

 Cross Section Showing Current Conditions on Hatcher

Proposed Lane Striping



Project Expectations

  • Provide more separation between vehicles and bicyclists/pedestrians

  • Connect to existing bike lanes on Hatcher Road east of 7th Avenue

  • Provide bicyclists access to the Arizona Canal at 19th Avenue