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Permit Application for Utility Construction in the Public Right-of-Way

The Utility Coordination Section oversees the processing of utility construction permits. This is for all private utilities in the City of Phoenix rights-of-way. It coordinates utility relocations and services on all Capital Improvement Program (CIP) projects. The City of Phoenix grants access to the City’s rights-of-way for installations, relocations, and removals of utility infrastructure by permit. The Section reviews all construction plans by licensed or franchised dry utility companies for these types of work. When the plan submittals meet all applicable standards and regulations, a permit will be issued for construction. They work closely with other departments to ensure timely, safe completion of all work. This results in minimum disruption to the traveling public.

Utility Coordination grants permission for utility construction and maintenance work in the public rights-of-way. It also grants permits for all City of Phoenix owned property per A.R.S §9-831-9-840 (SB 1598 Licensing Time Frames).

Please Note: After you submit the application, a second screen will appear prompting you to attach construction plan drawings. These must accompany the application. Failure to perform this step will delay processing of your application.

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