​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Village Planning Committees Village Planning Committees  

​The City of Phoenix is divided into 15 urban Villages. Each Village has a Village Planning Committee (VPC) appointed by Mayor & City Council. The VPCs assist the Planning Commission in the performance of its duties. VPCs are part of the Planning & Development Department.

The Committees help identify areas or provisions of the General Plan​ text that need refinement and updating; identify problems and needs related to implementation of the General Plan; define in greater detail the intended future function, density and character of subareas of the village; and comment on proposals for new zoning districts or land use districts.

​Explore this site to learn more about the Committees, including learning how to get involved. You may apply to be a Committee member or visit a VPC monthly meeting! To learn more, choose a region on the map, or select from the list. You may also want to review Role of the VPC, watch the Urban Planning 101 , Contact Us, or Download Printer Friendly VPC Map with Contacts (PDF) or Annual VPC Meeting Schedule (PDF)​​.