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Role of the VPC

Village Planning Committees (VPC) are appointed by the Mayor & City Council and are made up of a maximum of 21 members that represent various segments and geographic areas of their community. The Mayor appoints two members to each Village Committee with the remainder of the members appointed by City Council members on a proportional basis based on the council district's land area in the village. In addition, members must either live or work within the Village boundary that they are serving.

The VPCs provide guidance on a wide range of city-wide and local issues. Village Planning Committees hear and discuss rezoning cases, general plan amendments, and text amendments and provide recommendations on these items to the Planning Commission. Prior to a meeting, staff provides the committee and the applicant a copy of the staff report and copies of correspondence from members of the public that support, have concerns, or oppose the request.

Following a VPC meeting, the case is heard at the Planning Commission meeting, which occurs approximately three-five weeks after the meeting. The Planning Commission makes a recommendation on the case.

After the Planning Commission, the case is heard by the City Council and is ultimately approved, denied, approved with stipulations, denied and approved differently than requested, or continued. If approved, the applicant may continue with the development review process.

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