Village Planning Committees Village Planning Committees

Find City of Phoenix Planner contact information on this page for specific questions about a Village Planning Committee(VPC) or planning activity within the Village. This is the best way to communicate with City of Phoenix staff. Download Printer Friendly VPC Map with City of Phoenix Planner Contacts (PDF). Tip: The Committee name is a link to that committee's home page. 

Also, find each Planning Committee email for contacting appointed Village Planning Committee members (volunteers) to share support, opposition, or concerns related to rezoning cases, general plan amendments, and text amendments. Committee members are not required to reply to these emails; however, the information sent here will be included in public record. To avoid any conflict with Open Meeting Law, the Planning Committee email is not to be used by committee members to communicate with one another.



Media Contact Media ContactAngie Holdsworth,
Ahwatukee FoothillsAhwatukee FoothillsSamantha Keating602-262-6823samantha.keating@phoenix.gov
AlhambraAlhambraSamantha Keating602-262-6823samantha.keating@phoenix.gov
Camelback EastCamelback EastSamantha Keating602-262-6823samantha.keating@phoenix.gov
Central CityCentral CitySamantha Keating602-262-6823samantha.keating@phoenix.gov
Deer ValleyDeer ValleyDavid Simmons602-262-4072david.simmons@phoenix.gov
Desert ViewDesert ViewSamantha Keating602-262-6823samantha.keating@phoenix.gov
EncantoEncantoSamantha Keating602-262-6823samantha.keating@phoenix.gov
EstrellaEstrellaNick Klimek602-534-7696nick.klimek@phoenix.gov
LaveenLaveenSamantha Keating602-262-6823samantha.keating@phoenix.gov
MaryvaleMaryvaleDavid Simmons602-262-4072david.simmons@phoenix.gov
North GatewayNorth GatewaySamantha Keating602-262-6823samantha.keating@phoenix.gov
North MountainNorth MountainNick Klimek602-534-7696nick.klimek@phoenix.gov
Paradise ValleyParadise ValleyDavid Simmons602-262-4072david.simmons@phoenix.gov
Rio VistaRio VistaSamantha Keating602-262-6823samantha.keating@phoenix.gov
South MountainSouth MountainSamantha Keating602-262-6823samantha.keating@phoenix.gov