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Maryvale Village contains many planned neighborhoods built from the beginning of the post-war housing boom onward. Today, the village retains a wide variety of housing and neighborhoods ranging from the older homes to recent growth with new single-family subdivisions. The core contains a variety of land uses and activities, and the Village is home to two major league baseball spring training facilities. One is located at 51st Avenue and Indian School Road and the other is located at 107th Avenue and Camelback Road. 

The Maryvale Village Core is located approximately eight miles west of Downtown Phoenix. In collaboration with the West Phoenix Revitalization Area (WPRA) Advisory Board, Cricket Pavilion Task Force and Maryvale Village Planning Committee, city of Phoenix Planning staff prepared the Maryvale Village Core Plan (PDF). The core is to be the most vibrant, diverse and interactive environment of a village.

Meetings: Get Involved!

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The Maryvale Village Planning Committee generally meets the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 6:00 p.m. at the Desert West Community Center, Room 2​, 6501 W. Virginia Avenue​.​

Please consult the public meeting notices page for an Agenda to confirm that the meeting will occur. See also the Annual VPC Meeting Schedule (PDF) or find a VPC Contact.