Other Frequently Asked Questions on the S/DBE Programs

What happens after I apply for certification?

First-time applicants can expect to receive a final determination on their certification application within approximately 16 weeks. During this time, you may be contacted to supply additional information and/or documentation.  

The staff person assigned to review your application also may contact you to schedule an on-site visit to your principal place of business if your firm is located in Maricopa County. In certain technical or highly specialized trade areas, a work site visit also may be necessary to determine the applicant's expertise in the firm's primary field of operation.  

How long is certification valid?

SBE or DBE certification is valid for five years, with an annual update required to maintain SBE or DBE status. If you qualify for certification, you will receive a letter and certificate showing your firm's expiration date.

The annual update process requires an update of information, notarized affidavit, Personal Financial Statement, and copy of your latest tax return (business and/or personal). The annual update is required to continue certification through the expiration date.

It is the responsibility of certified firms to renew their certification. Recertification is an abbreviated process from the original application process, but does require more information than that provided for the annual update. The renewal information must be received prior to the certification expiration date to ensure continuous certification. For more information, call the Equal Opportunity Department at 602-262-6790.

How will I know about upcoming business opportunities with the city?


If you offer commodities or general services, review Good/General Services Current Solicitations and Good/General Services Upcoming Solicitations on the Finance Department website on a regular basis. Note that the Finance Department Purchasing Division does not send out notices of current solicitations or maintain a vendor list. Internet access is available at all city public libraries. 

The Purchasing Division offers open vendor hours from 1 to 3:30 p.m. every Wednesday at the Finance Department located at 251 West Washington St., 8th Floor. 

Consulting and Construction Services

Firms interested in learning about opportunities to provide consulting or construction services on public works projects with the city should visit phoenix.gov/streets/eassbe/index.html.  

Firms interested in learning about upcoming competitive bid construction projects should visit https://www.phoenix.gov/streets/procurement-opportunities.