Who qualifies for certification as a Small Business Enterprise?

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Businesses that meet the following criteria qualify for certification as Small Business Enterprises:

Criteria for SBE Certification:


Business is located in Maricopa County.  

Group Membership

SBE applicants may be representative of all ethnic and gender groups.

Economic Disadvantage

The personal net worth of each owner may not exceed $1.32 million in order to show economic disadvantage eligibility for SBE certification. The owner’s equity interest in their personal residence and the value of the owner’s interest in the applicant business is not included when calculating the personal net worth for purposes of certification.

Operational Status

A business must be operational and a for-profit concern that has completed four business contracts.


The applicant owner(s) must be actively involved in the day-to-day control of the firm in the critical area(s) of operation. Administrative responsibilities alone are not sufficient to prove control. The applicant owner(s) must have technical knowledge and expertise in the company’s major business field. The capital to start or acquire the business must have been supplied by the owner(s).

Small Business Size

To qualify as a SBE, the gross receipts of the firm, when averaged over a three-year period, must not exceed gross income limitations for that type of business activity as identified by the U. S. Small Business Administration.