What programs are available for SBE-certified companies?

  • ​Reserve Contract Program - The SBE Reserve Contract Program includes opportunities for goods and general services providers to participate in city procurement opportunities. Selected contracts are reserved by the Finance department for competition only among certified SBE firms. The city reserves the right to award to bidders other than the low bidder if quality and qualifications are not equitable among bidders.  Call the Finance Department at 602-262-7181 for more information on the program.

  • Subcontracting goals on public works construction projects – If you are a certified SBE construction subcontractor, your firm may be used to meet SBE subcontracting goals on selected public works contracts awarded by the city. Prime contractors who bid on city-funded construction projects must make good faith efforts to find and contract with SBE firms to meet goals established by the city.  The SBE Directory is available by clicking here.

    If you are a certified SBE construction subcontractor, prime contractors who bid on these projects will be required to make good faith efforts to identify and subcontract with certified SBE firms to meet the goals. The goals will be established based on the trades necessary to the project and the availability of certified SBE firms in those trades.