Construction Subcontracting Services

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The city of Phoenix encourages the participation of small businesses on city-funded construction projects. SBE subcontracting utilization goals are established, where appropriate, on contracts of more than $50,000. Prime contractors are required to meet, or make good faith efforts to meet, SBE goals when bidding on city projects.

Staff meets with interested SBE subcontractors, engineers or architects to explain the city's bid process and provides assistance in resolving SBE-related issues between general contractors and subcontractors.

How to participate in construction subcontracting opportunities

1. Certify your construction firm. Your firm cannot be used to meet small business subcontracting goals unless it is certified. For more information, contact the Equal Opportunity Department at 602-262-6790.
2. Check the proposed small business enterprise (SBE) goals assigned to each upcoming construction project. This can be done by monitoring proposed construction projects periodically using the city's Bid Schedule at
3. Print out the Planholders List to those construction projects that interest you and are assigned SBE-proposed subcontracting goals listed on the Bid Schedule at
4. Be proactive! Contact general contractors listed on the Planholder List and ask to submit a quote to assist them in meeting the city's required small business subcontracting goals for the project.
5. Monitor the city's Bid Schedule to see if your general contractor has been awarded the project as the lowest qualified bidder. If so, keep in contact with your general contractor and the city's Goals Compliance Section at 602-495-0887.
6. Go back to Step 2 and follow the process to assure your firm submits as many bids as possible to other general contractors for additional subcontracting opportunities.

The more bids your firm provides, the higher the probability your business will be chosen to perform work on city construction projects. The Streets Transportation Department can be reached at 602-534-2917 or 602-534-2798.

Goals Compliance

On construction contracts with SBE goals, the city requires general contractors to subcontract with certified firms. To ensure compliance with programs requirements, the city's Equal Opportunity department Goals Compliance section:

  • Verifies pre- and post-award utilization of SBE subcontractors on construction projects
  • Monitors all open construction projects with required SBE subcontracting goals
  • Tracks monthly payments to SBE subcontractors
  • Conducts worksite visits to monitor SBE participation
  • Investigates and responds to complaints of discrimination
  • Recommends penalties for noncompliance

Goals Compliance staff is available to assist SBE subcontractors and general contractors with payment issues. Staff also help mediate contract-related disputes between SBE subcontractors and general contractors.

For information about SBE goals compliance or help with SBE construction subcontracting concerns, call 602-495-0887. The Equal Opportunity Department Goals Compliance Section is located at 200 W. Washington St., 15th Floor, Phoenix, AZ  85003.