Make Arrangements

For questions about past due account balances, payment plan options or lien questions, contact a Tax Collections representative.

Please have your eight digit  Phoenix License/Account number ready when you call.

Delinquent accounts will be assigned to an outside collection agency after reasonable attempts have been made by the City to collect the delinquent balance. 

Once an account is assigned to a collection agency, the taxpayer is responsible for payment of the collection agency fees, which may be substantial. 

If your account has been assigned to a collection agency, please contact the agency regarding payment arrangements.

Progressive Financial, Inc.

P.O. Box 22083, Tempe, AZ 85285
Phone: 1-800-347-0308

Hammerman & Hultgren, P.C.

3101 N. Central Avenue, Suite 500, Phoenix Arizona 85012
Phone: 602-264-2566
Fax: 602-266-3488

Bethune & Associates

14435 North 7th St., Suite 201, Phoenix, AZ 85022-4371
Phone: (602) 548-2408
Fax: (602) 548-2401