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Aviation Fire Protection

Fire protection for the Sky Harbor International Airport is provided by the Phoenix Fire Department. Sky Harbor is an FAA rated Index-D airport. Fire Station 19 is located on the grounds of the airport, and is staffed by 12 crew members per shift. Companies now assigned are one structural paramedic engine company, one rapid intervention vehicle, and three foam vehicles, one of which is a snozzle. Aviation fire companies respond to all fire and EMS emergencies on the airport in addition to all aircraft related emergencies. The airport fire station averages over seven calls per shift with the majority being EMS.

The Phoenix Fire Department has been a leading edge developer of innovative designs of fire apparatus. The Phoenix Fire Department's snozzle was the first of its kind in the world and is now a very popular and effective aviation fire apparatus. The snozzle has an articulating, high GPM, 50 foot elevated boom nozzle. The boom is also equipped with a high GPM penetrating nozzle.

The rapid intervention vehicle is presently the only 2000 gallon dual agent apparatus equipped with a 6 member cab. It was specifically designed by the Phoenix Fire Department for interior fire combat in the cabin of aircraft. In addition to a 500 GPM bumper nozzle, the unit has 900 pounds of Super K dry powder extinguishing agent, a hydro-chem nozzle with 100 feet of hose line on a reel, two hundred foot one and three-quarters and two-inch handlines, and penetrating nozzles. The vehicle also has its own nighttime lighting on an 8 foot telescoping mast, its own power plant, and a 200 foot pre-connected hose reel Hurst Tool system.