Training Academy

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The Phoenix Fire Department Training Academy has three fire apparatus bays, training classroom space, breakout rooms, locker facilities, offices, and numerous support facilities.  As with every Phoenix Fire Department project, sustainability is carefully woven into the new training academy’s plan.

Building materials were carefully selected to minimize environmental impact.  By selecting materials that were harvested and manufactured locally, the Phoenix Fire Department contributed to the local economy and reduced carbon monoxide emissions from transportation. 

Additionally, the new academy includes a water harvesting system that collects water from the burn buildings during training and stores the reclaimed water for future landscape irrigation.


New Training Academy - Front View   New Training Academy - Back View

Training Academy Grand Opened September 2010 

Risk Management Statement:

  • We will begin our response on the assumption that we can protect the lives and property.
  • We will risk our lives a lot, if necessary, to protect savable lives.
  • We will risk our lives a little, and in a calculated manner, to protect savable property.
  • We will not risk our lives at all to protect lives or property that are already lost.