A Word About "Free Cash Grants"

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It seems as if every time I speak at a conference or seminar, someone asks me about "that guy on TV with the dollar signs all over his suit" who promises "free, easy money from the federal government for just about anything you want to do." According to him (his name is Matthew Lesko), there are millions of dollars out there just waiting for you to walk up and grab them -- to start your business, fix your roof, pay off your mortgage, buy a fishing boat -- you name it. And unfortunately, he and other organizations like his are making a lot of money from people who believe it.

Guess what? It simply isn't true. Never was, and never will be. In fact, the Missouri Southern State College School of Business recently issued a caution about this and other so-called "free government cash for anything" resources. They are all misleading and ambiguous repackagings of information published in the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance, the official government publication that lists grants and loans primarily for other government agencies and bona fide nonprofits.

"There are grants for businesses," the college advisory states. "However, these are for research and development in defense, space, high-tech, biotech, energy savings and recycling. They are for very specific projects for these government agencies. There is NO FREE MONEY for individuals to start or fund small businesses."

Anyone, anytime, can access the information in the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance absolutely free -- nothing to buy, no money down -- at www.cfda.gov.

Source: Marilyn Boess, Just Grants!