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What kinds of grants are available to individuals?
Low-income individuals may qualify for housing assistance and certain emergency assistance.

What kind of grants are available to homeowners?
Grants involving historic preservation, repairs and rehabilitation.

What kind of grants are available to homeowner associations?
Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) grants are available in low- and moderate-income level neighborhoods.

Are there any grants available to me for my small business?
Historically, the federal government has made funding available to help small businesses, but these funds are distributed in the form of grants and/or partnership agreements to governments and non-profits that in turn help small business. The City of Phoenix uses federal grants to assist businesses directly through its many small business development programs and also funds non-profit organizations that provide technical support to small businesses in Phoenix.

What kinds of loans are available to help me start my business?
If you are a start-up, your best option is to visit with the folks at the Self Employment Loan Fund, Chicanos Por La Causa, or the U.S. Small Business Administration. All provide business planning and loan assistance. Additionally, the Maricopa Community Colleges Small Business Development Center provides seminars for entrepreneurs called "Starting a Successful Small Business." This seminar looks at all aspects of starting up a business, including financing.

Do I need to be a nonprofit (501(c)3) organization?
Yes, with the exception of neighborhood associations applying for neighborhood block watch grants. Neighborhood associations must be registered with their local police precinct. Groups may apply for grants under the umbrella of a non-profit organization that agrees to act as the group's fiscal agent. All other City of Phoenix grant recipients are required to be non-profit organizations.

When do I apply for a grant?
Deadlines vary for each grant, but many grants are available around the same time each year. Check the specific grant you are interested in for details.

Can you help me write a grant?
The City of Phoenix offers workshops for applicants prior to the deadline of several grant programs. Check the grant you are interested in for details. The City of Phoenix does not write grants for individuals. Several companies and consultants provide grant writing services.

How to I apply?
Each grant has its own application process. Go to the grant category that applies to your organization and download the application.