Tips on Grant Writing

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  • Have a positive tone.
  • Use a reader-friendly font style and size.
  • Prepare adequate support material, relevant to the project.
  • Answer every question (even if only to write "not applicable").
  • Do no resubmit past successful applications or repeat the same narrative from another application.
  • Balance your project budget (Total Cash Income = Total Cash Expenses) 
  • Understand the matching requirements for receiving funds.
  • Submit a professional-looking application.
  • Have someone unfamiliar with the project read your application to ensure that your project is clearly described.
  • Make sure your application is postmarked on or before the grant deadline.
  • Make sure the narrative is interesting to read and user friendly.
  • Talk about the details of the project.
  • Do not assume the readers are familiar with your organization or your project.
  • Make sure your budget revenue amounts are realistic and achievable.
  • Make sure you itemize and identify expenses.
  • Proofread the application.
  • Keep copies of your application.
  • Attend the panel review meeting if open to the public.