Housing Rental Opportunities

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Providing safe, decent and affordable housing for families and individuals is critical​ to our vibrantly growing city of Phoenix. The Phoenix Housing Department offers various housing programs to serve people with low to limited incomes including families, single persons, seniors and people with special needs such as disabilities, veterans, homeless, victims of domestic violence and persons living with HIV/AIDS.​​ ​​​ To learn more, visit the links below or call the Housing Department Administrative Office at 602-262-6794.​


Multi-Family Housing

Because we know families come in all sizes, we offer an array of housing options for residents of the city of Phoenix who meet eligibility requirements. Family housing units range in type from apartments to single-family homes, and in size from one- to five bedrooms.  Families also have access to a wide range of job training programs, educational assistance and case management to help participants achieve financial independence and personal growth. 

View Family Housing communities

Seniors and Persons with Disabilities

​​We recognize the importance of independent living for seniors and disabled persons. The Housing Department offers a variety of housing choices for seniors; 55+ communities, 62+ senior and disabled communities and family communities. ADA-compliant apartment communities are located throughout Phoenix. Participants pay up to 30 percent of their monthly income towards rent. Added benefits include onsite service coordinators, computer labs, independent living programs, and social activities.​

View our Senior/Disabled Properties​​


Affordable Rental Housing Program

All affordable rental properties owned by the City of Phoenix are managed by professional management companies. Housing units are equipped with well-designed kitchens and energy efficient heating and cooling systems. Features and amenities include laundry facilities, playgrounds, parking, community rooms, and swimming pools (select properties). All communities are conveniently located near jobs, public transportation, grocery stores, schools, hospitals and businesses. Applications for the Affordable Housing program properties are taken at each individual site.

View our Affordable Rental Properties​​


​Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program

The City of Phoenix Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher waitlist period is now closed.  For more information visit the S8waitlist webpage, email s8waitlist@phoenix.gov​, or call 602-534-3030.​

The Section 8 HCV Program is the largest federal housing program in the United States with the City of Phoenix providing more than 6,000 local, low-income families with assisted housing. Eligible participants pay up to 30 percent of their monthly income towards rent. The program then pays the landlord the difference between what a family can afford and the approved rent for the housing unit. This allows voucher recipients to select rental housing of their choice.​​​

Visit the Section 8 HCV webpage


Scattered Sites Homeownership Program

​​​The Scattered Sites program wait list is currently closed

The City of Phoenix owns and manages numerous single-family homes “scattered” throughout Phoenix. Applicants must be a family of two or more, meet the minimum income requirements, and pay up to 30 percent of their monthly income towards rent. Similar to multi-family housing, participants receive utility allowances but are required to pay the utility companies directly.

This is also an excellent opportunity for low-to-moderate income families who want to become first-time homebuyers. Families can work to become qualified for a home mortgage while leasing a home from the City.

Learn more about the Scattered Sites program ​​